Cottage Country Living in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada!

Muskoka's visitors often enjoy their time in cottage country so well that they decide to invest in a cottage property.

Usually, cottage owners in Muskoka have fallen in love with the island-dotted views that can be enjoyed in the region's waterfront homes. Muskoka residents find peace in a relaxed rural lifestyle.

Muskoka's recreational lifestyle offers many opportunities for active living including world-class golf, mountain bike trails & parks, friendly tennis clubs, summer watersports and nordic or alpine skiing through the winter months.

The Bracebridge Farmer's Market makes locally-grown, organic food available on Saturday mornings.

Also visit the Port Carling Farmer's Market or the Rosseau Farmer's Market for fresh produce and baked treats!

Muskoka's lifestyle is the ultimate reward for a lifetime of hard-fought career and business success!

A variety of cottage country real estate options are available to buyers with refined tastes and an eye for luxurious details. A cottage property in Muskoka is a sound investment in your family's future.

Classic Muskoka Homes is the only place to find a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced custom home builder or renovation contractor. Ben Hopkins has been building and renovating luxury waterfront residences in Muskoka's challenging terrain since 2006. Get in touch to start plans for your Muskoka dream home today!

Jayne's Cottages (Rentals) will list your cottage property to generate income from it at the times that you can't be in Muskoka!

The recently completed Red Leaves Resort offers waterfront condominium-style units that include a rental pool that allows owners to take advantage of rental income in partnership with The Rosseau, a J.W. Marriot hotel that is located on the property.

Fractional resort properties that allow visitors to pay for only the time that they will spend in Muskoka are available. Fractional resorts that offer waterfront living include:

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Muskoka Golf Courses:

Muskoka Snowmobile Trails: