Experience the Luxury of Motorcycle Tours in Muskoka, Ontario!

Motorcycle tourists will find that Muskoka, Ontario offers a peaceful experience in beautiful scenery coupled with the excitement of cruising winding backroads.

Plan a vacation in Muskoka and treat yourself to a break in one of Canada's most luxurious resorts and hotels!

Muskoka's motorcycle touring routes skirt the shores of some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers in Canada.

Rent a classic wooden boat from the Muskoka Launch Livery to experience Muskoka's lakes and its waterfront vacation lifestyle. You can't beat the experience you'll have cruising the Muskoka Lakes in Ontario, Canada!

Motorcycle tours are simply the best way to vacation in Ontario!

Whether breezing along beside the lake with the cool smell of the water in the air, or touring along beside farm fences on a rural Ontario backroad ride, there is no better way to experience Muskoka than on a motorcycle.

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Visit the Muskoka Bed and Breakfast Association for a relaxed, self-directed tour in Muskoka, Ontario!

Visit Muskoka Tourism for resort and accomodation ideas!

The best thing about motorcycle tours is that you can follow your instincts moment by moment without restrictions. Your vacation is truly yours when you are in control of where you go and when!

There is no other means of travel that provides the freedom of choice and depth of experience that a motorcycle tour offers!

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Motorcycle vacation tours allow you personal space and independence while you ride with friends and family! Take a real holiday in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada!

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